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About Us

About Us

educators 2 educators was founded by Carrie Conover, whose passion has led her to dedicate 18 years of her life to the field of education. Carrie taught for a decade in the Chicago Public schools and hosted one of the first 1:1 iPad deployments in the nation.

The opportunity to be at the cutting edge of educational technology triggered a hunger to spread innovation to classrooms across the nation. She did this during her 3 years at eSpark Learning where she conducted professional development for teachers and designed and implemented blended learning initiatives in classrooms around the country. In her time as Director of Customer Success at Discovery Education she oversaw the vision and strategy for over 50 partnerships, including many of the largest school districts in the nation. 

Carrie's true passion lies in supporting teachers, principals and district leadership as they collaborate, plan, and grow. She is a true believer in the power of positivity and prides herself on identifying and helping people flourish in their own talents.  

Her experience visiting hundreds of urban, suburban, and rural classrooms, coupled with her ability to collaborate with leadership to set a vision and implement strategies to achieve a common goal, makes her a standout in the industry.


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