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It is normal if you don't love teaching the way you used to. We believe that you deserve the chance to love your job again.


After spending over 20 years in education, e2e's founder, Carrie Conover truly understands how hard it is to be an educator. The longer you teach, the more changes you experience, the harder it is to stay connected to why you became a teacher in the first place. After traveling the nation visiting hundreds of schools and talking to thousands of teachers, Carrie created e2e as a place for teachers to grow and flourish personally and professionally.

We have helped thousands of educators reignite their passion for teaching through a focus on mental health + professional development. All e2e content is created for teachers, by teachers.


We value high-quality content created by real teachers. Our videos contain actionable lessons that help you grow professionally and personally.

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e2e membership is more than worth the money and is honestly one of the best things I have ever done for my teacher self. What I love about e2e membership is the access to teachers of all experience levels who are still in their own classrooms. I love the positive support provided by the community. The e2e organizers, presenters and teachers all share ideas and provide encouragement and accountability - it's everything I need to succeed. - Kiley G

I most liked how personable each video was. It felt as though the speakers were actually speaking to me, face-to-face. Each speaker shared personal experiences with students. They also shared their reflections and how they adjusted their teaching styles to better accommodate student behavior and increasing academic performance. - Western Michigan University mentor teacher


It is easy to lose sight of what inspired you to become a teacher. 

We get it. You are overwhelmed, anxious and tired of bringing the stress of work home with you. You aren't alone.

e2e membership will help you grow both personally and professionally and reignite your passion for teaching. 

You'll receive instant access to our video library as well as monthly themed resources to help you with your journey back to loving your job again.

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