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Teacher Morning Challenge


Erin Bracco, co-founder at Buddha Belly Kids Yoga, is a former teacher and e2e presenter. Are you an e2e member? Find out more about membership here.

“She used to do this thing when we were little and we were scared. She’d tell us to breathe. It’s a funny thing that we forget sometimes. We’re so scared that we’re going to die that we forget to do the thing that keeps us alive.” -This Is Us

How many mornings have you been frantically eating breakfast or trying to catch up on your social media accounts or attempting to pack lunches for your own children or typing away at a parent email and all of a sudden you let out a long deep sigh as if you’ve never taken a breath in your life?! Yes. This happens so frequently! Watch your colleagues at a meeting or making copies in the teacher’s lounge and you’ll start to see this trend. We are so caught up in “being busy” that we have little awareness of what is happening inside of us and frankly, forget how to just be. As educators, we wear so many hats, juggle so many balls, add so much to our plate...truly every analogy for busy can apply to us. When we start to find our breath, life starts to shift in subtle and obvious ways.

Self-care is a trendy topic these days. For some, it’s as easy as your lungs moving air in and out. For others, it’s a hold your breath kind of thing. The goal of this two-week challenge is to provide you with some simple strategies to make your morning routine and minutes before the bell more mindful. Each day you will build upon the self-care trick you tried the day prior.

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Weekly Morning Challenge

Day 1 - Drink Water with Lemon

Day 2 - Drink Water with Lemon + No Social Media

Day 3 - Drink Water with Lemon + No Social Media + 3 Yoga Poses

Day 4 - Drink Water with Lemon + No Social Media + 3 Yoga Poses + Loving Kindness Dialogue

Day 5 - Drink Water with Lemon + No Social Media + 3 Yoga Poses + Loving Kindness Dialogue + Gratefulness


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