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The One Thing EVERY New Teacher Must-Do to be Successful

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New teachers are leaving the teaching profession at an alarming rate. According to a study by the advocacy group, Alliance for Excellent Education, 40-50% of new teachers leave teaching within the first 5 years. There are many factors that contribute to high turnover. If you ask veteran teachers why new teachers leave the profession quickly, they will tell you that many young teachers can't handle the stress of the classroom.

One thing EVERY new teacher must-do for a successful school year is prioritize self-care. Healthy boundaries, real teacher self-care, the ability to say NO, and having strong teacher-mentors are essential tools in the "survive your first few years of teaching" toolbox. 

Healthy Boundaries 

People are generally not good at setting personal and...

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Self-Care Tips to Help Teachers Sleep


As a teacher, you make over 1,500 educational decisions every single day. By the time 9 pm rolls around, you are exhausted and ready to enjoy a restful night’s sleep. If you fall asleep immediately (hello, sleep deprivation) or you toss and turn into the wee hours of the night, you are not alone. Many teachers struggle to get the night’s rest they need and deserve. Get started down the right path by forming a bedtime self-care routine and sticking to it. Here are a few ideas to get you on your way to a great night’s sleep.

Read a book that has nothing to do with teaching. Give your brain a break from thinking about teaching and read something indulgent such as Crazy Rich Asians by Kevin Kwan or A Spark of Light by Jodi Picoult. Getting lost in a storyline is a great way to forget about your stress from the day and get your brain in the mood for sleep.

Along those same lines, using a sound machine app, such as the Sleep Pillow, or listening to your...

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5 Reasons Teachers are the Perfect Fit for Corporate Jobs in Education Companies



Most of you may know that the globally recognized term “EdTech” was coined as an abbreviation for “Education Technology” and at the very heart of EdTech companies is education. So, ask yourself these simple questions “Who knows education better than teachers?” Who understands the hard work it takes to authentically engage students, to successfully differentiate and to effectively personalize instruction better than a teacher? Who understands the daily challenges of being in the classroom and the resources/supports that, if offered, could save time and make life easier better than a teacher? It’s for these reasons (and many more) that the vision & voice of teachers (Just like you) are critical to the success of all EdTech companies. Don’t underestimate the power of understanding the daily work of being a teacher! During my 18 years in education and EdTech, my voice has been valued...

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How to Maintain Productivity in Your Student Through the End of the Year

By Lisa Smalls

Maintaining productivity throughout a school year can be a challenge for most students, parents, and teachers. But a child who lacks motivation halfway through the year isn’t being lazy as much as partaking in human nature. For anyone, the longer we do something, the more likely we will lack motivation. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t find ways to keep your student motivated. From breaking up the day to providing incentives and challenges, students can become re-motivated to last the entire school year.

 Here are five ways to help keep your student productive through the entire school year.

 Set achievable goals

It’s natural for people to set goals and that’s a good thing. However, especially younger people, set lofty goals and often unsustainable ones. For parents and teachers, setting goals according to your child’s strengths or needs is more sustainable than setting goals compared to other...

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Teacher Morning Challenge


Erin Bracco, co-founder at Buddha Belly Kids Yoga, is a former teacher and e2e presenter. Are you an e2e member? Find out more about membership here.

“She used to do this thing when we were little and we were scared. She’d tell us to breathe. It’s a funny thing that we forget sometimes. We’re so scared that we’re going to die that we forget to do the thing that keeps us alive.” -This Is Us

How many mornings have you been frantically eating breakfast or trying to catch up on your social media accounts or attempting to pack lunches for your own children or typing away at a parent email and all of a sudden you let out a long deep sigh as if you’ve never taken a breath in your life?! Yes. This happens so frequently! Watch your colleagues at a meeting or making copies in the teacher’s lounge and you’ll start to see this trend. We are so caught up in “being busy” that we have little awareness of what is...

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Morning Meeting: Slowing Down to Speed Up

 One year, I decided to drop morning meeting from my classroom. Honestly, I thought it was a tool better served for the primary classroom and I was starting to feel it was a waste of instructional time. I quickly learned that morning meeting was one of the most important parts of my instructional day, even if I only spent 5 minutes setting the tone for the day's learning. The morning meeting is a great tool to bring a  class together as a cooperative and collaborative team.  

Each day, my students would enter my classroom in all types of moods. A few were elated and bouncing off the walls, one may have overslept and skipped breakfast, while others may have experienced domestic abuse or were homeless the night before. The morning meeting was important to me because it gives the chance to look each student in the eye and relay the message that I was glad they made it to school that day.

Lesley Baxter, a veteran teacher in Nashville, uses morning meeting to...

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